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No Excuses

No Excuses. Those who know & love me, know how I feel about excuses. I do no tolerate or abide excuses from anyone for anything. Come to me with an excuse, and you will never ever get my understanding or sympathy. So why is it that I do not tolerate excuses from anyone EXCEPT myself? I have found & used every excuse under the Arabian sky as to why I couldn’t/can’t workout/train.  I was disappointed the cycling season was over. It’s from September to April, for obvious reasons; it’s too… Read more No Excuses

Starting Place

Your Starting Place Does Not Define You [BLOG] “What matters is where you want to go rather than where you are right now. Your starting place is just that, where you start. Nothing more and nothing less.”―Alissa Finerman


I am a cardiovascular critical care nurse from the United States and I am about to embark on an adventure. I head to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a couple of weeks to work as a CV nurse in Riyadh (the capital of The Kingdom.)  So come follow me on this trip….